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Help! How Do I Style a Wood Bead Garland?

The wood bead garland is hands down, my favorite decor item of 2019 (stay tuned for my favorite decor item of 2020). It was my favorite thing to gift to friends because of its versatility and the many, many ways you can style it. Plus, I’m drawn to decorating with natural materials. Check out the four ways my friend Lori and I styled a wood bead garland in her beautiful home.

How to Style a Wood Bead Garland

Tip #1: Tray

Have an ottoman or coffee table? Put a tray on top of it, gather 2-3 small decorative objects, and add your garland! The garland just gives a little oomph in this design. When picking your decorative objects, see if you can include an accent color that goes well with the rest of the room, like Lori did with the turquoise color shown here.

How to Style a Wood Bead Garland

Tip #2: Antlers

My husband loves to hunt so we have a plethora of antlers at our disposal. I love the way the wood bead garland pairs with an antler and simple candle. Personally, this is how I’ll be styling my wood bead garland in my home. As soon as our new dining table gets put together, we’ll use this styling as a centerpiece. The antler, candle, and garland combination would also look great on a mantel, fireplace, or shelf.

How to Style a Wood Bead Garland

Tip #3: Decorative Vase

This is a great way to make a decorative vase stand out on a table, shelf, mantel, or kitchen countertop. You can also add a wood slice underneath the vase or skip that part.

How to Style a Wood Bead Garland

Tip #4: Antique Window

I love how this look showcases the tassels of the garland--I’m obsessed with tassels, fringe, poms, you name it! You’ll want to include surrounding decorative objects of varying heights around the window. Notice the window is the focal point and also the highest point. The lamp and sign/letters provide a medium height, followed by the dish that provides a short height for the area.

Maybe you have a wood bead garland sitting around; now you have options for how to decorate with it! If not, go get one then send a picture to showing me how you styled yours. Don’t worry- it’s still trendy for 2020! It’s also budget friendly as you can easily get them for under $20. Most places also now offer the garlands in different colors. Not sure where to get one? Check out my go-to places below:

Hobby Lobby



Wildfire Home & Gift

Happy Decorating!

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