• Bre Oriolo

What's the Big Deal About Shoppable Designs?

Why shoppable designs? Why now? 2021 saw a reported $57.8 billion in revenue for U.S. online household furniture sales, and that number is increasing every year by about 11%. Social Media commerce is expected to be a $79.6 billion industry by 2025 (read more about that here). So really, why not shoppable designs?

What is shoppable design + how does it work?

How does delivery + shipping work with shoppable designs?

Why shoppable designs?

Who are shoppable designs for?

They're for anyone who wants to recreate the aesthetics from my designs in their own home. See something you like, but looking for a different size or color? Email me bre@2ndstoryinteriors.com to ask about options for that item. I'll still be offering my full service design for a more personalized client experience.

I hope this helped you learn more about shoppable designs and how they work. Now what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

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