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Where to Buy Light Fixtures, Part 2: Floor Lamps

If you’re following along, you know the last blogpost was about the best places to buy ceiling lights. But there’s this whole other category of lighting that deserves some attention: floor lamps! Floor lamps are a great way to offer additional lighting in a space; ceiling lights alone don’t always do the trick. Check out these six floor lamps below and where you can buy them!

I had to use an old pic of this space--home improvent life

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#1: TJ Maxx/Home Goods

First of all, let me say that these stores are my favorite in general for all things home. They also happen to have amazing floor lamps at such good prices! The two floor lamps I have from here are more of a vintage style. I stationed one at my steamer trunk secretary desk in our entry/office area. The other, pictured here, provides some ambient lighting around our fireplace. We use Edison bulbs with both lamps to highlight their vintage feel.

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#2: Article

While Article is probably more known for their awesome leather sofas, they also have stylish floor lamps! We have this corner of our living room where the ceiling light doesn’t quite reach. When you’re snuggled up and reading there, it can be tough to see. We needed just a little additional lighting here, but we needed something simple and minimalistic since there’s already a lot going on with the fur pillows, elephant head on the wall, etc. We chose the Beacon Brass Floor Lamp for its clean lines, simplicity, and the way it pulled in some gold accents we have in the room.

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#3: Lamps Plus

This might be my new favorite in our house. Meet the Cantara End Table Floor Lamp. I put the Cantara in Baby Sal’s nursery next to the rocking chair. I wanted some lighting there for night feedings. I also needed a side table to put all of the things I might need for those feedings. It’s a small area, though, and when I thought about putting both a lamp and a table next to the rocking chair and an ottoman, it started to clutter that space. I started searching for floor lamps that had a table built into it. From the minute I saw the Cantara, I haven’t taken my eyes off of it! I loved the Mid-Century Modern look of it so much, I didn’t realize all of its other great features until I received it a few days later. The table has a wireless phone charger built in and I love the dimmable touch switch button. Also, did you see that marble base?! This was my first buy from Lamps Plus, but it definitely won’t be my last!

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#4: Target

Target has a great selection of floor lamps, both in store and online. The one shown here in Erin’s space is the Geneva Multi Glass Globe Floor Lamp in brass.

Things I love about it:

  • Those globes!

  • The Mid-Century Modern feel of it

  • The marble base

  • How it pulls in gold accents

  • The way it pops against that black wall

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#5: CB2

For anyone not familiar, CB2 is a Crate and Barrel company. It’s also another great place to buy lighting! We put the Trio Floor Lamp in our bedroom. My favorite feature is being able to point and direct each individual light where you want it to go. You can also turn on one light or all three, depending on how much light you need at the time. I love its nice, sturdy base, modern design, and gold accent.

Best Place to Buy Floor Lamps

#6: Home Depot

I fell in love with the Hektar floor lamp from IKEA the moment I saw it. I loved the industrial feel to it as well as the oversized shade. Then Covid-19 hit, and we were all forced to order things online. I had so much trouble ordering the floor lamp online. I also realized that it was a dark grey, and not black as I had hoped for-- I was ordering for Sal’s nursery, and it’s a black, white, and green color scheme. Then I found this similar task light from Home Depot: the 68 inch Black Modern Floor Lamp. The diameter of the shade is only two inches shy of the IKEA one I loved so much, and is a winning look in the nursery! It also comes with a low price tag.

Have any favorite places to buy floor lamps? Email me or comment below. Better yet, send me a picture of your favorite floor lamp. Have a different question you’d like to see answered in a blog post? Email me!

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