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Your Questions Answered! Where to Buy Ceiling Light Fixtures

I’ve had several readers ask me the best places to buy ceiling light fixtures or where I personally buy my own light fixtures. Ask and you shall receive! Updating light fixtures can completely transform the look of the spaces in your home. Check out these four light fixtures I used to update my own home.

Best Place to Buy Light Fixtures:

#1: Pottery Barn

Say hello to the Amelia Wood Bead Chandelier. Isn’t she gorgeous? This beauty currently resides in my living room. It was also the catalyst to include more natural materials throughout this room. Fun fact: I also bought this chandelier for my previous home, and hung it in the dining room. It took me four years to decide on it, so I decided to buy it again for this house! If you have a grand entry in your home, this would look stunning in that location.

Best Place to Buy Light Fixtures:

#2: West Elm

I pretty much love everything from West Elm, so it’s no surprise I love this Mobile Chandelier. In fact, I hung it in my dining room over our West Elm dining table. It comes in two different sizes and four different finishes. I like that it’s versatile and can look great in many different rooms of a house.

Best Place to Buy Light Fixtures:

#3: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Home is my jam. I have several home items from Anthro: wall decor, a lampshade, and an area rug just to name a few. This Dorette Flush Mount is a great addition to my Anthropologie home collection. My favorite part? The tassel-- it matches our lovely green cabinets, and as you know from the last blogpost, I just love tassels! There’s also a pendant version available, if you’d prefer that style over a flush mount.

Best Place to Buy Light Fixtures:

#4: Schoolhouse Electric

I went into a slight shock a few weeks ago when a friend, upon asking where I got my bedsheets, had never heard of Schoolhouse Electric. Not only is this place right up her alley, but also a great go-to for simply stated, beautiful lighting and lifestyle goods. Their mission is perfectly worded: “Our mission is to provide a new generation of heirlooms that inspire people to create unique, meaningful spaces in which to live and work.” Sign me up! Actually I did just that, by purchasing the Otis 4” Surface Mount with the Black Pinstripe Drum Shade. I was upset when we originally hung this because it wasn’t popping like I thought it would. Painted the ceiling black, and that took care of it. Totally pops now!

Other light fixtures I’m crushing on:

On a budget for lighting? Check out Bargains and Buyouts or your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My first ever ceiling light was from a ReStore for $15, and all it needed was a new cord. Can’t beat that! I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention Shades of Light. I’ve gotten several lights from them and am happy every time.

I’m curious--what are your favorite places to buy light fixtures? Email me at or comment below. Better yet, send me a picture of your favorite ceiling light fixture. Have a different question you’d like to see answered in a blog post? Email me!

Happy Shopping!

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