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5 Ways to Support Small Businesses (For Free)

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

This upcoming Saturday, November 25 is Small Business Saturday. I'm giving you 5 ways to support your favorite small businesses all week long, and they don't cost a thing. Of course, you can give this support at any time! Small businesses will thank you. Read on to find out what you can do. I'm also including some challenges to encourage the different areas of support.

1. Write a Review.

Reviews help you decide whether something is worth it-- a product, a coffee interior decorator! Telling others about your experience on review sites such as Google or Facebook helps both the business + its potential customers + clients.

Challenge: Leave a review for 3 of your favorite businesses!

If you want to start here, I won't be mad...

2. Share With Your Family + Friends.

If you love a business, share it with your family and friends!

This can look like:

  • Word of mouth- bringing the business up in conversation. Many businesses thrive from a mention or referral;

  • Sharing their social media post on your own feed;

  • Forwarding an email from the business to a friend or family member.

Challenge: Forward 1 email or share 1 social media post.

3. Follow a Small Business on Social Media.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, having a larger following helps a small business stand out

and get found.

Challenge: Seek out 2 small businesses to follow on social media.

4. Engage With Their Social Media Content.

Like and comment on posts + stories. Engaging with content lets the social media platform's algorithm know that people are enjoying this content. By engaging with the content, it helps the business grow and get found by people who might not know they exist. For so many businesses, it can be a challenge to post often, or remember to post X amount of reels per week-- so go show them your love!

Challenge: Go engage with 3 accounts.

5. Sign Up for Their Email List.

Emails allow small businesses to share their offers + information directly with you and learn more about what you want from them as a company.

Challenge: Sign up for one email list.

To sign up for mine, it's at the very bottom of this link, under "Stay Connected."

There you have it- 5 Ways to Support Small Businesses (For Free). Looking for just one simple thing to do to help? Make a post/story tagging your favorite small business. On behalf of all small businesses out there, we really appreciate gestures like this.

And remember to shop small on Saturday, November 25th!

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Jul 01

Supporting small businesses doesn’t always require spending money. Share their posts on social media, leave positive reviews, refer friends and family, engage with their content, and subscribe to their newsletters. If you want to help them with marketing, you can create and edit promotional videos using final cut for windows. It’s easy to use and can really boost their online presence.

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