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Get Inspired by This Tropical Dining Room

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

tropical dining room wallpaper
photo by Kim DeVilbiss

This is Erin's *new* dining room. Her one request? Leafy green wallpaper. We started with that leafy green wallpaper and ended up with a modern tropical dining room. Read to find out how you can get some tropical vibes in your own space.

A Tropical Dining Room Needs Fun Wallpaper

We knew the wallpaper would be a big focal point for this space, so it took us a while to decide on "the one." The One for Erin turned out to be the Pacifico Palm Wallpaper by Nathan Turner (you can buy it here). After it was installed, Erin said, "I walk in there 35 times a day and get joy!" The wallpaper shown in pictures is ivory, but comes in ten colorways. My favorite runner-ups are peach and black!

tropical dining room wallpaper

A Tropical Dining Room Needs Natural Materials

photo by Kim DeVilbiss

Rattan and cane materials are everything right now and work so well for that tropical vibe. For Erin's dining room, I made sure to use the Rule of 3 and incorporate at least three natural materials in her space. The sideboard has cane doors, the dining chairs have cane webbing, and we went with a natural jute rug to pull it all together. Erin was surprised at how soft the jute rug was--I sourced a handwoven natural rug to achieve that feel.

photo by Kim DeVilbiss

A cane light fixture would have been a great complement to the design, but ultimately Erin chose more of a mid-century modern style for the light. Who doesn't love mixing the MCM style with some palms?! (I mean, hello? Palm Springs!) I love mixing different styles in one space, it always adds a little interest.

A Tropical Dining Room Needs Interesting Details

photo by Kim DeVilbiss

My new business motto is "keep it interesting." Erin loves seeing the wood grains in tables. She also shares my criteria for interesting details. Enter this table! The wood top is oh so smooth and check out those legs!

photo by Kim DeVilbiss

Second to the wallpaper, this "Escape the Ordinary" print is my favorite piece in this room. It's from Emily Ruth Design's handwritten 'Sentiments' collection, and I love them all.

A Tropical Dining Room Needs Accessories to Tie it All Together

An arched brass mirror, stacked books, vases, fun pampas grass: the finishing details make all the difference. While I tailored Erin's book stack to her interests, check out these books that would look stunning on display!

I hope this blogpost leaves you feeling inspired. Want to get this look? Shop 'The Erin' in my shoppable designs. With my shoppable designs, you can buy one thing or buy them all! What's your favorite piece?

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