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Wallpapers I Want to Use in 2024

Pretty much at all times I have a running list of wallpapers I want to use in projects. I love seeing all the different wallcovering options and the different ways you can install them (ceiling, above beadboard, etc.). Here are my top 9 right now and where I would put them/how I would style them.


Majestic embroidedered cranes soar from clouds to the walls in this specialty wallcovering that is digitally printed on textured grounds.

Comes in a variety of colors.

I'd love to see this mural installed in a dining room. I could picture an emerald-painted ceiling and trim. Think about what a dark + moody dining this could help create. And of course, you'd have to have an amazing chandelier like this picture showcases.


Features precise raised-rivet designs in unique color combinations and patterns. Rivets applied on top of a textured hemp wallcovering.

Comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

I'd love to see this as a focal point for a masculine office. The rivets are such a cool detail and can come in different patterns and designs. It's so different and yet reads classic.


Handcrafted with the finest authentic materials, this geode-inspired specialty wallcovering is three dimensional. Flakes of mica and minerals are applied to a paper backing with resin coating for a show-stopping iridescent sheen.

Comes in a variety of colors.

To really get the effect, you have to see a whole wall installed with this Granite wallcovering. I love the champagne color you see here. This would look good on any accent or feature wall. Works well in a glam style setting.


Pattern Geode's stratified layers of monochromatic color, tipped with a hint of metallic sheen, create a field of mushrooming organic shapes which capture and reflect light to provide warm elegance to any space.

Comes in a variety of colors.

This would be stunning in a powder bath, like you see here. I love dark + moody spaces and this would be so dreamy. I would actually style this paper with a black vanity to add some extra drama.


A modern interpretation of a classic crocodile pattern, this large-scale embossed vinyl wallcovering is chic in both lacquered and matte styles.

Comes in a variety of colors.

I literally cannot choose my favorite color of this wallcovering. I love the sand color shown above, but think the white and black are equally stunning. I'd install this in a powder bath. The black would be fun for dark + moody (obviously that's a thing for me lately), but you could lighten it up and still have a fun space. Plus, the vinyl material makes it wipeable and washable--perfect for a bath space.


TANGLED is a hand-painted pattern that plays on both positive and negative space. Resembling the abstract expressionist paintings of Franz Kline and others, it represents hundreds of organic shapes. The visual energy is pulled in all directions due to the strong verticals and horizontals.

I love this installation picture because it's styled so perfectly: on the ceiling, in a dining room, with a fantastic chandelier!


The large-scale graphic and bold plaid has the look of a handprinted wallcovering when printed on beautiful, textured grounds such as paper weave, natural grasscloth, linen, silk, or durable vinyl.

Comes in a variety of colors.

I'd put this wallcovering in an office or a den. I love the dark trim and wall moulding that is paired with the Preppy Plaid in this picture. It's not always just about the wallcovering itself, but how you style it and what you pair it with.


Falling somewhere between unexpected and understated, PRIDE layers a characterful flock of hand-illustrated ostriches atop stripes in classic off-black and Clay. Originally designed to add interest to small or less visible corners of the home, this Art Deco-inspired print will also bring a splash of sophistication to the bathroom.

Comes in a variety of colorways.

This description is right on the money. The first thing I'd comment on is how unexpected it is. A total conversation piece, I'd put this in any gathering space-- like a living area or dining room.


INK BLOTS offers a handmade interpretation of a familiar subject. Organic forms are created through blotting the artist’s inks onto high-quality Japanese papers. The pattern features one large, vertical inkblot per panel. No two inkblots are alike, as they are individually created and do not cross the horizontal seam.

Comes in three colorways.

I'd use this paper as an accent--so putting it on a feature wall in the entry would be ideal. It would definitely stop anyone in their tracks entering your home!

Tell me which wallcovering is your favorite by voting here.

I can't wait to see which wallpapers you love on this list, and I hope you are feeling inspired to put some wallpaper in your own home!

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