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Why Your Decorator Should Go to Market

It's not just to see pretty things. If you follow my IG stories during Market, you might think that's all there is to it. I've rounded up 7 reasons it's important to attend Markets. I personally go to High Point Market, but there are furniture + decor markets all over the country and at different times of the year. Read ahead to see what's happening while I'm there.

1. Sit Tests

The number one reason I go is the sit test: testing out sofas and chairs to see how they feel. Are they firm? Too firm? Comfortable? Do you sink down too low? My clients all have different preferences for how they want pieces to feel, so going to Market gives me the opportunity to see which pieces will give them the sit they want. This past spring Market, I took my friend Brooke with me, and I'm so glad I did! I prefer pieces to give me that sunken in comfy feeling, and she likes a firmer sit. It was good to have that balance and her perspective as I tested out seating.

Here, my friend Brooke is testing out a reclining sofa/sectional. This was her favorite piece!

sit test modern furniture

And sometimes, you really want something to be comfortable because you love the design of it, but it's just not. It's still very valuable information!

2. See the Trends

Every market, the trends are pretty clear. You'll see them in almost every showroom. Trends this spring market: the colors clay/pink + green, retro/vintage, dining stools, and ball pillows. While I don't decorate solely based on what's trending, I do like knowing what they are and staying up on what's current in decorating + design.

3. See New Product

Many of my preferred vendors will showcase new products and lines at Market. It's great to see, touch, feel it all in person!

4. Inspiration + Ideas

I love getting ideas from all of the displays and set ups at Market. I might see a particular way furniture is arranged and it gives me an idea for a project. At this market, I saw sheers used as the main drapes (see photo below)...never would I think to use sheers like that! I like them as a layering piece, with heavier drapes over top. Now, I'm thinking of using these exact sheers in my new home office (when that happens)!

5. Meet With Reps

I love getting some face time with my reps at my preferred vendor showrooms. I might email with them a lot throughout the year, or even talk on the phone with them, but I love getting face to face time with them at Markets!

6. See My Decorator Friends + Socialize

I've met a handful of decorators at Market, and have stayed in touch over the years. It's fun getting to see them in person at Market and enjoying all the social events together. There are happy hours, concerts, etc. set up for us to enjoy during Market. This video is from the fall Market, where The Barenaked Ladies performed. After a day of walking 15 or 20K steps to see showroom after showroom, it's nice to relax and have fun!

7. Get Swag!

Many showrooms hand out free swag during Market like tote bags or tape measures. I especially loved this bag I got during spring Market that says, "Don't be boring!"

As you can see, there's way more to Market than seeing pretty things! It's important for me to see, feel, touch, test products that I'm recommending to clients. I get to see the level of quality (or in some cases, lack of quality) for various items I see online or in catalogs. It's vital for decorators to go to Market. Sometimes I can even put together most of a design for a decorating project I'm working on. Keep staying tuned to my socials, as I continue to share the spring trends.

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