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Elevate Your Home By Changing Just One Thing

Want to elevate your home just by changing one thing? Take a look at replacing your light fixtures--they have the power to completely transform a space. There are two things I want you to consider when replacing lighting: 1) The scale of the light fixture to the space. The number one mistake I see with lighting is people choosing light fixutres that aren't the right scale, and usually the case is they aren't big enough. 2) The style of the light. Choosing the right style of light is definitely a skill that is honed over time. It doesn't have to match the style of room by exact means, but rather complement the space. In fact, I love a good historical renovation where the character is kept in the home, but they install a fun, modern chandelier; it's an art. I'm partial to statement lights myself, which is probably unsurprising.

Not sure where to start? There's inspiration ahead. Check out 9 of my favorite lights that I've been eyeing recently.

1. My New Dining Light

draping chandelier, swag

I got an in person look at this beauty at the spring High Point Market. Pictures don't do it justice. It's absolutely stunning in person. It's part of a jewelry inspired collection. Check out the links in the chains! I love the way each light swags to a different point. We are making some changes to our home this summer, and it will affect the layout of our dining space. Because of that, this light is going to be a perfect fit for us and I cannot wait!

2. Replacing Island Lights

island pendants

This is from a recently completed project, and a good example of how scale works. We went from 8" diameter pendants to 13.5" diameter pendants and it made all the difference! Plus the new island lights are just stunning (I know it's the second time I've used that word in reference to lighting, but I truly mean it). I showed up right after the electrician installed these, and they stopped me in my tracks. It was definitely a moment where I felt like, "Yep! Made the right choice with these!"

3. Statement Kitchen Lighting

kitchen pendant light bronze

I have a feeling this would stop my in my tracks if I saw it in a kitchen. I'm thinking this because it stopped my scroll in an email I got from one of my lighting vendors. Although it comes in quite a few finishes, I fell in love with this bronze finish because it made the pendant all the more bold. It's not your typical kitchen pendant, and I love the unexpected element.

4. Tropical Vibes Light

rattan sculptural light fixture

Talk about scale! This rattan light is 50" wide and can make a statement in almost any space: kitchen island, dining table, or living room. Gives you a modern tropical vibe. I love the curved, sculptural element of this piece--SO different!

I also like this image below where my vendor styled the light fixture in an aubergine hue room.

rattan sculptural light fixture

5. Library Light

library desk light

I'm calling this the library light because it reminds me of a light that you'd see in the library, only elevated. The draped chains on this really make the light special.

library desk light

The picture to the right just makes all those details easier to see.

6. Fun Entry Light

onyx and gold round chandelier

How fun is this chandelier? The designer was inspired by her stackable rings. That is just such a cool detail. Each disc is made of ice onyx. I can picture walking into a home and this being the first thing I see in the entry. Or if you had a long + wide hallway, installing three in a row. That's the stuff dreams are made of. I saw these in person at High Point Market this past spring. It's actually the same designer as the first light I put in this post. I definitely love her stuff!

7. Tropical Vibes #2

rope light that looks like a sun hat

Another curvy, sculptural light. More tropical vibes, and it reminds me of a sun hat. I saw this at High Point Market as well, and when I looked up more information on it, I found out the design was inspired by an oversized straw hat. It's fun learning where inspiration comes from!

8. My Office Light

gold pendant

I've been in love with this light for a while. I've mostly seen it styled with several over a kitchen island. However, in my new office, I'll need a light to swag over my desk, and I think this is going to be perfect.

9. Movable Sconce Lights

Another find at High Point Market, only this time, the lights can be repositioned!

**Videographer credit: Brooke F.

I'm hoping if you've made it this far, you see my case for elevating your lighting with statement pieces that also add an element of fun. I didn't even realize until I got to the end of this blogpost, that 2/3 of these lights are all from one vendor. Although I have a few lighting vendor "go tos," I certainly have a favorite.

Poll: Which lighting do you prefer?

  • Statement lighting!

  • More simple lighting pieces.

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