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My Favorite Greige Paint Colors

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 paint colors to choose from. Sherwin Williams has over 1,700. It's no wonder that choosing paint colors is the part of design people struggle with the most. I'm continuing my blog series about my favorite paint colors to help you eliminate the guesswork. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from clients, "I need an 'all-over' color that works in my house." Greige is the perfect solution. It's a blending of gray + beige, which makes it super versatile! Check out my favorite greige color strips.

favorite greige colors

Need an "all-over" color for your home? Want to lighten or brighten your home, but don't want a white paint color? Greige is a good go-to solution. Greige has such versatility which makes it a very popular choice. If you have gray in your home, it works. If you have brown/beiges in your home, it works. If you have color in your home, it works. For paint consults, I approach using greiges in two main ways. 1) I use varying shades throughout the home. For example, the main/open space might be Repose. Then the dining area, Dorian. Maybe a bedroom is Dovetail or Gauntlet. 2) I use Repose in the main/open space, but coordinate color in the surrounding rooms. Blues + Greens work well in a whole house palette along with greiges. So the office could be navy. Sage green for the formal sitting room.

favorite greige paint colors

Using neutrals (paint colors or otherwise) doesn't have to be boring! I love them because they are the perfect backdrop to make things like color and texture pop. And while many people will choose lighter shades of greige, I prefer the darker, warmer ones. They can really make a space feel comfy + cozy.

Being that this is my 5th blogpost in my favorite paint colors series, you may have noticed that I choose a lot of Benjamin Moore colors. When I want a very specific color, BM tends to have more options, and can pinpoint the exact shade I need. However, although BM has many lovely greige colors, Sherwin Williams is definitely my go to for greige. I can easily pull these two color strips shown and find what I need.

Of course, there's so much more that goes into choosing paint colors! Get some sample paint swatches, hang them on on your wall with some painter's tape. Look at them for several days, at different times of day, in different lighting. Once you narrow down to 1-2, go buy the little sample size paint containers and paint a little bit on your wall to make sure you love it. I also like to search Pinterest to see the different applications of the paint color. You can also hire an interior decorator to help!

What's your favorite white paint color? Have any pictures to share? Send them my way at

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