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My Favorite White Paint Colors

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 paint colors to choose from. Sherwin Williams has over 1,700. It's no wonder that choosing paint colors is the part of design people struggle with the most. I'm continuing my blog series about my favorite paint colors to help you eliminate the guesswork. While white is such a basic color, the choices are anything but. Check out my top 5 white paint colors.

favorite white paint colors
Photo by Kim DeVilbiss

Sherwin Williams Pure White

This versatile, bright white has the slightest yellow undertone that keeps it from appearing too stark.

We used this color throughout the Juno Medspa project because we wanted something clean and crisp but not sterile. There are also very little undertones, which was my goal when pairing this color with wallpapers and other paint colors throughout the medspa. Also, any time you see the word "versatile"--flock to it. I use this word so often with my clients; it usually indicates that it will work in various different scenarios.

favorite white paint colors

Benjamin Moore Simply White

The slightest hint of warmth makes this clean, crisp white a favorite to use anywhere in the home.

favorite white paint colors

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Unerring style defines this clean and classic white.

These are just good go-to whites that I recommend. Again, very little undertones. Whites can have so many undertones. Usually you won't see them until they're in your home. That's why I always recommend putting paint samples up on your walls!

favorite white paint colors

Sherwin Williams Snowbound

With slight gray undertone, this versatile cool white pairs with other gray-influenced colors.

Again, here's the word "versatile." It makes it a great color to use throughout your home! I used it in my kitchen + dining, hallways, and both kid rooms in my house. It pairs really well with the SW Black Magic we have in a few different places, too.

favorite white paint colors
My stepsons' room--the SW Snowbound is great with this Gucci wallpaper that has a white background

favorite white paint colors
My son's nursery- the SW Snowbound pairs so well with the SW Black Magic

favorite white paint colors

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

A classic go-to white that elicits images of fresh cotton and pure silk.

I mentioned my friend, Libby, in my blogpost about My Favorite Pink Paint Colors. This is a picture from her home. Her go-to white paint color is Chantilly Lace. I love the way things (literally) pop off the walls with the white background.

favorite white paint colors
I wish I could remember what paint color I used on our fireplace! Also, notice that Libby and I both have guitars as decor?! I think I might have gotten that idea from her!

Looking for a spot to paint white? Start here: overall color for walls, hallways, trim, fireplace brick, or any space you want to feel light/open/clean.

<<< Just an extra tip: when painting your brick or stone fireplace, use masonry paint. It's a lot thicker and is made to completely cover the


Of course, there's so much more that goes into choosing paint colors! Get some sample paint swatches, hang them on on your wall with some painter's tape. Look at them for several days, at different times of day, in different lighting. Once you narrow down to 1-2, go buy the little sample size paint containers and paint a little bit on your wall to make sure you love it. I also like to search Pinterest to see the different applications of the paint color. You can also hire an interior decorator to help!

What's your favorite white paint color? Have any pictures to share? Send them my way at

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