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My Favorite Spa Colors

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 paint colors to choose from. Sherwin Williams has over 1,700. It's no wonder that choosing paint colors is the part of design people struggle with the most. I'm continuing my blog series about my favorite paint colors to help you eliminate the guesswork. This time around, I'm sharing my favorite "spa" colors. I love these colors for bath areas. I call them spa colors because they're great for spaces you want to feel relaxing and well, spa like. Check out my top light blue-green paint colors and notice the key words like "calming," "relaxing," "tranquility," and "meditation."

sherwin williams opaline

Sherwin Williams Opaline

Add a cool, gentle glow to your space with this light blue-green pastel. Perfect for bathrooms where you're going for a calm but lightly playful vibe.

benjamin moore beach glass

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

A gray undertone brings versatility to this calming blue.

benjamin moore quiet moments

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments

A gentle mix of blue, green, and gray results in a color that exudes tranquility and inspires quiet meditation.

sherwin williams sea salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

This cool, muted green with blue undertones makes every day feel like a relaxing beach day.

I'm not adding a lot of comments to these spa paint colors, because I truly feel like the descriptions do them justice. However, this is definitely my favorite of the spa colors. Depending on the lighting it can look almost like a mint green or even read more gray.

sherwin williams sea salt and wallpaper pairing

Check out this wallpaper pairing I did for a client in her guest bath area. It's Sea Salt with a wallpaper called "Frost." We did an accent wall for the wallpaper with the surrounding walls Sea Salt paint color. I love Sea Salt anyways in a bath area, but add the wallpaper accent and it just elevates the whole room + design!

Looking for a spot to paint light blue-green? Well, I've already said it, but bathrooms! Or any spot you want that calm, relaxed vibe. Offices are another popular location for this color.

Of course, there's so much more that goes into choosing paint colors! Get some sample paint swatches, hang them on on your wall with some painter's tape. Look at them for several days, at different times of day, in different lighting. Once you narrow down to 1-2, go buy the little sample size paint containers and paint a little bit on your wall to make sure you love it. I also like to search Pinterest to see the different applications of the paint color. You can also hire an interior decorator to help!

What's your favorite spa paint color? Have any pictures to share? Send them my way at

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