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3 Ways to Decorate Blank Walls, Part Three: 3D Wall Art

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The #1 question I get as an interior decorator is "How do I fill all this blank wall space?" I have so many ideas for this topic, I had to break it into 3 parts: wall art, mirrors, and 3D art. In this third part of the series, I'm giving you 3 ideas for utilizing 3D wall art to make things more interesting.

How to Decorate Blank Wall Space...With a Collection of 3D Pieces

In Part II of this blog series, I showed you how to display a collection of mirrors to create a visual impact. Instead of displaying one of something, display a collection! These liquid silver cast crystals just might be my favorite 3D wall pieces--they're stunning. This collection was created using 2 different sized crystals. They look great climbing up a narrow wall, like you see here.

Small, medium, and large metal pices combine together to make one wall display of eye-popping blue flowers. Oh, and when I say "large"--I mean that piece is 63" wide x 48" tall! These flowers have a glossy, lacquer finish and come in options of white, ivory, yellow, grey, blue, and black. My goal with the concept of using a collection of items is to show you the impacy that many of the same objects have vs. just using one.

How to Decorate Blank Wall Space...With 3D Wall Sculptures That Make a Statement

I know we just talked about displaying "many" vs. just one of something. However, some things make a statement all on their own. This wall sculpture is a great example of just that. It's large enough to take up some real estate on your wall. This sculpture adds a lot of dimension as it literally dives off the wall. While this specific piece is an investment, you can still look for your own 3D sculptures. I've seen a lot of fun animal heads for less, that do the trick!

How to Decorate Blank Wall Space...With 3D Wall Art That Adds Dimension to a Gallery Wall

3D Wall Art really makes a gallery wall POP! and adds immediate interest. Use the 3D pieces sparingly--don't overuse them in a gallery. I'd do one 3D piece if you have 5 total objects in your gallery, 2 if you have 7 total objects, and 3 if you have 12+. Looking for another good piece for your gallery? Check out my friend Brooke's wall display here.

I hope you've gained some new ideas for how you'll decorate your blank walls with 3D Wall Art. Did you see any pieces you liked in this blogpost? You can shop " 3D Wall Art" here. Did you miss Part Two: Mirrors? Catch up on that here.

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