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Signs You're Ready to Hire an Interior Decorator

Think you might be ready to get some professional help with your decorating? These are exact quotes from clients moments before they hired me. If you've said any of the following things, it might be time to do the same!

"I am lost."

"I am not creative."

"I don't know where to start."

"I have a crazy, demanding job."

"I have been staring at this room for 5 years since I bought my home."

"My brain is fried and I need help."

"This [decorating] is not my expertise."

"I end up choosing the 1 color that does not work."

"I'm tired of making the wrong choices."

"I'm constantly working."

"The project is at a point where I need to make design decisions...and I'm having decision paralysis!"

"I have a lot of loves and want help narrowing down the decisions."

"I need someone to untie this giant knot for me."

"No more hodgepodge furniture!"

"I took [on] a new job that hasn't allowed me enough time to explore my options."

"I have lots of ideas but get very overwhelmed with all the options and am not great at picking a consistent theme to flow through the home."

Ready to get started? Here's a reminder about the Best Way to Contact Me.

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