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What It's Like to Work with Me: Full Service Decorating

Thinking about a full service decorating project, just unsure how it would go? Wondering what it's like to hire me to take care of it all for you? Read ahead to find out! I've broken my process down into eight parts, and am letting you in on all the details!

Initial Discovery

  • You can connect with me by filling out a client intake form. This gives me information about your project and goals.

  • After receiving your form, I'll schedule a discovery call with you to discuss your project in more detail.


  • We meet in person at your home. This is a great opportunity for us to see if we are a good fit for each other!

  • We will walkthrough your space(s) together, discussing what you need + want.

  • I'll take notes, pictures, and measurements.

  • We will discuss your preferred decorating styles. If you don't know your style, Pinterest is a great shared tool we can use to help!

Follow Up

  • I will send a design proposal that includes: scope of the project, a design fees estimate, a furniture investment estimate, and a project timeline.

  • When you're ready to move forward with the project, you sign my letter of agreement to offically start the project.

Behind the Scenes

  • I get to work sourcing furniture, decor, lighting, paint colors, fabrics, etc.

  • I put together a cohesive design concept.

  • I email you weekly to update you on progress.

Design Presentation

This might be one of my favorite parts! We meet in person so I can show you everything I've been putting together:

  • Vision boards with furniture + decor

  • Space planning + furniture arrangements

  • Relevant samples of paint colors, fabric, tile, wallpaper, etc.

  • If I've done my job, you'll love it all! However, sometimes one or two changes need to be made. This meeting is the perfect time to discuss any changes you want made.

  • After the meeting, I work on revisions.


  • Once all items in design are approved + payment is received, I will place and monitor all orders. Imagine not having to worry about tracking everything yourself! I will do it for you.

  • I email you with weekly updates + progress.

Delivery + Installation

  • Furniture + decor are all shipped to a receiving warehouse. This means that you don't have to be

home to receive things piece by piece! It also means everything is delivered at once so we can have a big reveal!

  • I arrange white glove delivery of all items to your home.

  • I'm there at delivery to help place items and style your decor + accessories.

Project Closure

  • I provide you with a binder full of design + product information. All the information you need in one place. Everything from furniture care to paint samples is in one location for you to access when you need it.

  • I have professional photos taken of your home.

  • Feedback + reviews- I want to hear about your experience with my business!

Ready to start that decorating project now? Connect with me here.

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